how do i unsubscribe to ticket master?

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On the My Ticketmaster section you will find the option Forgot your password?. Identifying yourself with your e-mail address, we will be able to send it to you again.
From Ticketmaster we offer you a comfortable, agile and easy way to buy tickets, as a distributor and intermediary between clients and the Promoters we work with.

If you were wrong with the purchase or you cannot attend the event, we are sorry to tell you that we cannot cancel nor change your tickets.

If you don't want to receive our newsletter anymore, go to "Data" at My Ticketmaster. Deselect the option "I want to sign up for weekly newsletter” and click "Save". From that moment on, you won't receive our newsletter any longer. You can subscribe to the service again at any time.

Note: After the merger between our company and Servicaixa all customer data was included in a single database. For this reaseon, we sent an email informing our customers about this new circumstance. If you were a customer of Servicaixa and you would like to unsubscribe, you must enter the same data you used to use to access Servicaixa. If you do not remember this information, you can make your request by filling out this form.

We are upset that you do not want to be part of our group any more but, if you have decided it, you can unsubscribe going to the tab Profile when you log in. On the bottom of the page you will find the Delete profile button.

We will erase all your details so that we cannot retrieve them.

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