collecting tickets for nou camp experience

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Tickets for Spanish League matches played at the Camp Nou are usually on sale at the beginning of the season, but each day new tickets are available because subscribers who can not attend the party release their localities. We advise you to consult the availability through our website or visiting the website of the Club.
In football and in basketball the club works with the "Free Seat" modality. The members subscribed can "free" their seats as the match is closer, leaving like this, a lot more member seats available to buy. Hence, there may appear seats not available now. We recommend you to keep looking at the ticket sale to find new tickets available.*

For the matches where there is a high demand, it is complicated to find seats together. It depends on the seats the members release to be sold, and normally the members don't release two or more seats at the same time. We recommend you to buy the tickets as close as possible (for example, in the same sector): you will have visual contact with your companion and, during half time, you will be able to talk in the common areas.

*Note: It is during the 48 hours before a match that most seats are freed.

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