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  • If you are organizing an event and need to sell your tickets, Ticketmaster provides you with its multichannel system to sell and collect tickets. If you are a promoter, a cultural organization, a sports team, an auditorium, etc., Ticketmaster has an advanced system for distributing the tickets, with several sales channels and an experienced customer support team. If you would like some help managing the tickets for your event, contact us here.

    Our Sales Channels


    The Web has a dynamic design and category browsing allowing you to search, select and buy events in a safe and easy way. For numbered events you can select the seat you prefer. Moreover, we have several cooperation deals with Webs related to leisure and music, like,,, etc. We are also in charge of managing the ticket sales of several banks that, through different channels, including their web pages, and thanks to their ability to communicate, considerably expand the sales potential of our system: Caja Murcia, Sa Nostra, Caja Granada, Caja de Burgos, Caja Sol, Caixa Galicia.


    Through the telephone number 902 15 00 25, from 8 a.m. to 24 p.m. 365 days per year.

    Sales points network

    Made up of more than 1000 sales points, including Carrefour, Fnac, and Viajes Halcón, present in all Spanish capitals, as well as a number of centers with a central and privileged location, distributed all over Spain. Each sales point has a computer terminal that prints the tickets online, and allows the collection of the tickets bought over the Internet or by phone.

    Ticket collection

    You can collect the tickets at any sales point or box office, or they can also be delivered to your home, whichever you prefer. In some events, the option of printing the tickets from home is activated.

    The ticket sales service, highly customized and high quality, includes:

    • Managing sales channels (box offices, Internet, telephone, centers).
    • Managing events (creation, modification, closing down...).
    • Private Intranet: on-line sales tracking.
    • Private brand: sell your tickets through your Web page.
    • Customized design: ticket with several anti-fraud safety measures, such as a unique, non-consecutive bar code, compatible with all kinds of accessing control systems; high quality customized graphic image.
    • Wireless accessing control systems to validate the ticket's authenticity, home printing, sending tickets to the mobile, etc.
    • Customized Marketing Plan for your event.

    Ticketmaster tickets

    Ticket with several anti-fraud safety measures, such as a unique non-consecutive bar code, compatible with all kinds of accessing control systems. It has a high quality graphic image.

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